23 June 2010

A breather

Am blogging this from the study room in my boss’ house; have managed to finish my tasks for the day early and so am taking full advantage of my break to sit down and write down something longer than three sentences for a change.

It seems so long ago that I stepped out of the exam hall feeling lighter than I’d ever felt in the preceding months to the final exams. The feeling of liberation then is truly unforgettable, but now it seems so stale, like a yellowed photograph from a time long past.

It has actually only been two weeks since I began working full-time at Luzerne, staying over at the MD’s place learning the ropes, commuting up and down the UK meeting clients and business partners. (I’ve driven more than 2,000 miles since passing my driving test last month).

Now I really am lighter, from the 17-hour days, the skipped meals, and from carrying all those cartons of heavy chinaware to and fro. Mentally it has been even tougher, knowing that JY was in faraway Coventry and my friends were living it up celebrating the end of exams, while I worked alone in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. But at the same time, I have never felt so alive, doing real work, learning real things, and earning real money.

From making coffee for clients (I’ve made at least 30-odd cups), to delivering product samples, to stock-taking an entire storeroom, to creating invoices, to planning shipment loads, to creating marketing leaflets, I now have a faint idea of what lies under the umbrella of “doing business”. For that alone, the sacrifice has been worth it.


  1. u're growing up! that is great. =D

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