18 July 2010

A blog entry is like a photograph in words. It is a snapshot of life in one particular moment, a freeze-frame of one’s mind in a point in life. It is said that reading without understanding is like eating without digesting; perhaps the same may be said about living without putting each significant event down into black and white. And that is what motivates this entry.

Living with my boss has made me understand not just the lifestyle of a businessman, but also a man with a family (he has two toddlers). From the crying at night to the trips to the hospital to the cuddling and kissing and laughing, I realise the sacrifices that a parent must bear. Seeing parent and child, and being a person in between the two stages, I am flooded simultaneously with memories past and dreams of the future.

The paradox of wanting to both rewind and fast-forward is a strange one. But had I the power to choose I would choose the former, and give up everything I did right for the chance to correct everything I did wrong, to the people I care most about.

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