30 September 2010

“If you don’t get what you want…

…you probably didn’t want it enough.” – Anon.

A slightly scary quote that doesn’t draw the line between constructive passion and deranged desire, but I can relate to the spirit that hard work delivers results.

It is this quote that is keeping me going as I try to break into a new world and a new level. It’s been demoralising searching for friends who have successfully entered the industry in order to get some pointers, and finding none. (The silver lining is that I now have a very respectable list of things not to do.) But that is not to say I haven’t gotten any help – I’ve managed to link up with some really nice people working within the respective companies who have given me invaluable advice.

I’ll just give it my best shot, and if it doesn’t work out at least I have no one to blame -- not even myself.


Will keep you guys updated on my progress. Hopefully there will be a lot more “!!!!!!” rather than “….”.


  1. huihui3:34 pm

    do u need any guides on the industry? i can find u some.. interview guides for that industry also..

  2. I'm applying for consultancy! Do you have any soft copy guides I can use? Thanks for the help :)

  3. read lots of Harvard Business Review's case studies.. Worked in a training consulting firm for a miserly 3 mths.. haha.. many are case based studies or we create our own cases for training purposes etc.. read management theorists like porter, rosabeth moss kanter, BCG matrixes, mintzberg etc. etc. :D

  4. Interesting insight. Just as long as you enjoy what you're doing and you feel the trouble's still worth it, don't stop.

    Interesting proverb by the way. I've always enjoyed reading such quotes and I think you'll enjoy this site with lots of famous quotes. :)

  5. Thanks Pan! Will definitely take a look :)

  6. If you don't get what you want ... you'll probably get it next time. Good luck.