9 April 2011


Blogging because I can't sleep.

5 hours ago I was lying in bed while my mind was wandering elsewhere (as usual). But this time it decided to park itself in 2007, my first year at university, and suddenly three years' worth of memories flooded my thoughts and jarred me fully awake.

I knew I had no hope of sleep then, not with the musty smell of 163 Greenwood Court in my nose, my housemate's Geordie accent in my ears, and a wild flurry of images - all coloured by the warm glow of reminiscence - jostling for attention in front of my mind's eye. Memories of new worlds, failed conquests, of absent friends and the brash ignorance of youth...those were a crazy three years indeed.

I wonder how everyone is doing?

1 comment:

  1. Mannie3:34 pm

    Hi YH,
    I had these wondering too....hahahaha.
    But i am here, i am fine!!!