10 July 2011

A short update

It's difficult to start blogging again after a long hiatus. Lots of things have happened even though it was supposed to be a lull period before work starts: finishing up the illustrations for the book draft, volunteering, organising SUKA events, researching property, etc.

That said I still had free time left over which I spent with JY. We made a number of short trips to Spain and Italy and explored various parts of the UK on our weekends. Then there were the Groupon deals -- mostly food, and also a Segway rally experience that we enjoyed (at least I did). Then there was the molecular gastronomy experience at the Fat Duck which wiped out all our Groupon savings and more besides. The rest of the time was spent just hanging out with each other at home, playing Monopoly Deal and multiplayer games on our phones, which made sure that there was always something to look forward to everyday.

Although this period has been a relatively uneventful one (compared to the crazy days of university), it was time well spent. With both of us starting work at the same time, in jobs that will demand long working hours and frequent travel, who knows when we would have the opportunity to enjoy each other's company like this again.

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  1. awww..... love this post! For the record, I loved the Segway Rally too, thanks for the surprise!