16 December 2011

An update

Finally got the willpower to sit myself down and blog. Things have been winding down of late due to the Christmas season so I have a bit more time on my hands (would have had more if not for those pesky e-learning courses).

Anyway much has happened since the last post. I’ve completed the 8-week induction course (my group won the case study competition – yay), and started proper project work. Right now I’m learning the ropes in business analytics; the pay might be colouring my vision a bit but I really do find it very interesting. Data visualisation seems to fit my interests perfectly, being a cross of graphic design and statistics, and when done right has that “wow” factor that makes all that routine data cleaning and crunching worthwhile.

Looking forward to the Christmas holidays, which starts the day after tomorrow through to 2012. Want to do some drawing again!

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