12 May 2013

Reflecting on Year 26

No. 26 was a year of ups and downs (and I’m not talking about just my weight). The first half was smooth sailing when everything was in place, while in the second half there were a few rocky moments and tricky bits that I had to navigate / overcome.

Somehow I didn’t enjoy the supposed ‘ups’ as much as I thought I would, and conversely, in a strangely sadistic way, the downs actually ended up making me much happier. Sure they sucked in the beginning, but just like the happy things, I got used to them. Once I got used to them, I began to figure out how to overcome them. And I did, and it felt freakin’ good.

My biggest takeaway of Year 26: if life feels like smooth sailing, it means you’ve gotten stuck in the baby pool. Here’s looking forward to another challenging year.

Things I’m grateful for this past year:
- The GF, who stuck by me and inspired me through her own example, who always tried to nudge me in the right direction but never pushed or shoved (even when she probably should have).
- My family and friends who supported me through the tough times, even if they were >5000 miles away.
- The opportunity to be working here in London, in a job I’m passionate about, with people who were willing to impart their knowledge and collaborate.

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