4 January 2017


Taking a breather to reflect on the year gone by.

The festive period between Christmas and New Year is usually a period of rest and reflection, but a last-minute business trip to Hong Kong meant there was no such comfort this year.

In 2016 I:
  • Broke free of things that held me back or slowed me down
  • Grew my company and took on new employees
  • Started two businesses with two giants in the industry
  • Personally sold my flat (I get a real kick out of this) and bought a place closer to work
  • Completed on two other investment properties, now both stabilised and generating income
  • Completed on my first development property, making good progress
  • Got engaged to the love of my life (saved the best for last!)

I failed at so many of the things I tried to do this year (at least five times as long as the list above, looking at all the folders in my Dropbox), it's just nice to see that 2016 still looks respectable if you put all the good bits together. 

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